Enjoy A Day At The Spartan Adventure Park

Enjoy A Day At The Spartan Adventure Park

Your kids are out for the summer, and you are already trying to find ways to keep them entertained. Sure, there will be many days where they play outside. The heat, however, can sometimes be too much, and you cannot forget the occasional summer shower. What can your kids do on days like that? For those who live near Monroe, Louisiana, there is the Spartan Adventure Park. The Spartan Adventure Park is the topmost indoor trampoline park in Monroe. Bring your kids to enjoy a day at the Spartan Adventure Park.

Having Fun on the Trampolines

If you visit Spartan Adventure Park, there are several jumping packages that you can select. You can jump for an hour, an hour and a half, or two hours. When you and your kids spend time on the trampolines, there are a variety of courses and obstacles to delight in. There is, of course, the entire trampoline area.

Your children can also venture on the ropes course or ninja course. If your kid enjoys a thrill, then maybe they will want to ride on the zip line or climbing the climbing wall. For those who enjoy shooting a few hoops, the adventure park provides a basketball goal, or you and your kids can enjoy a classic game of dodgeball in the dodge ball arena. Your children can even participate in some medieval fun by jousting with their siblings or friends.

Virtual Reality

If you need to take a break from the trampoline and obstacle course, then may be you will enjoy escaping via virtual reality. You can play a competitive game of golf on the Golf Virtual Reality Simulator. The simulator contains 3D trees and other foliage to help simulate a real golf course, so it helps you feel like you are truly hitting the greens.

There are several other VR experiences at the Spartan Adventure Park that you and your kids may want to participate in or try. There is the XD Dark Ride, Max Flight, or Flyer. These VR simulators will make your kids feel as if they are on a roller coaster, flying, or racing a car.

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Grab a Snack in Between Play Time

After jumping around, climbing about, and playing in the VR simulators, your kids as well as you will have worked up an appetite. The Spartan Adventure Park provides visitors refreshments at the concessions. You can eat a small snack like chips, a pickle, or popcorn chips. If you need something more substantial, then there pizzas and wings. You can also treat yourself to something sweet with either some candy or ice cream. There are also a variety of drinks to enjoy.

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