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Get Your Car Ready For Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is here, and that means many people will be taking road trips for vacation. Before heading out, however, drivers should make sure their cars are in good working order. After all, the last thing someone wants when they're out of town is to be broken down somewhere. Here are... [read more]

Learn How Your Tire Pressure Effects Your Gas Mileage?

A auto mechanic inflates a tire with an air tire inflating gun in the auto repair garage
Incorrect tire pressure is hard to overlook with the incessant beeping most modern vehicles make to notify drivers, yet it's something that many people don't understand fully. For instance, did you know improper tire pressure could negatively affect your gas mileage? Nobody wants to spend more money at the pump... [read more]

Is Your Car Prepared For National Car Care Month?

Cars on road by flowers and grass
Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? If you haven’t had a professional inspect your vehicle lately, this would be a great opportunity to bring it in to the service center, and Business Wire has provided a handy checklist to help prepare your vehicle for the summer. Inspect... [read more]