Is Your Car Prepared For National Car Care Month?

Cars on road by flowers and grass
Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? If you haven’t had a professional inspect your vehicle lately, this would be a great opportunity to bring it in to the service center, and Business Wire has provided a handy checklist to help prepare your vehicle for the summer.

Inspect the Essentials

You might have some travel plans in the works this season, but there are some key steps you’ll need to take to make sure your vehicle is ready to go. Before you head out on any road trips, let a trained technician inspect the basics like your oil levels, air conditioning coolant, and engine air filter. It’s also wise to test the quality of your car battery to avoid any unexpected delays when you’re ready for summer trips. Your brakes are a vital safety system, so remember to have them professionally inspected as well. Fresh wiper blades will keep your view clear through all the April showers, while a clean cabin air filter will help protect you from any pollen stirred up by May flowers. Your tire tread deserves a close look to make sure it still has traction, and don’t forget to get your oil changed on a regular basis.

Keep a Kit

As a driver, you also need to be prepared for various situations on the road and roadside, so consider stocking your cabin or trunk with an emergency kit. Along with the standard first aid kit, equip your car with a few bottles of water as well as food in case you ever have to wait a while for assistance. Self-powered flashlights allow you to see your surroundings if the sun sets on you while you’re stuck, while electric charging tools let you keep your devices powered when you need them.

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